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A personalized crossword puzzle makes a great gift for any occasion - birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas.  Or just about any time you want to give a special git to someone who is passionate about crossword puzzles.  A special crossword puzzle is also a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone event in someone's life like a wedding or a graduation.

So what makes a Doc Word puzzle different?  Most themed 15x15 puzzles (the kind you find in USA Today or your daily newspaper) have three to five answers related to that theme.  A Doc Word puzzle guarantees a minimum of eight.

Doc Wordhas the ability to create the customized puzzle you want to give in two ways.

1.      What’s in the puzzle – You provide us with information – Names of relatives of parents, spouse, children, friends, colleagues, hobbies, hometown, occupation, etc. – and we incorporate as many of them as possible into the puzzle.

2.      Shape of the puzzle – We create standard puzzles that are 15x15 and 23x23 (usually found in the Sunday edition of your paper), but we also have the ability to create customized shapes for your special puzzle as well. Examples include a tree for Christmas or a boat for someone who loves to sail.  Click here to go to the Showroom to learn more.

Your completed puzzle is sent to you in a gift envelope (inside our mailing envelope) and comes with a Doc Word™ pencil.

To check out a sample puzzle, go to Free Samples.

To order a puzzle, go to the Showroom.









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