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We've gone Blackberry!




Crosswords Cubed has been a Top 10 Word game online for nearly a year now. As a result of this success, we have launched the Blackberry version and we plan to develop versions for other platforms within the next year.
Of course, you can still play online by going to:

Play it once and you'll be hooked!


Doc Word™is the cure for the common crossword.  We build customized crossword puzzles and other word games.

Our puzzles can be played online and on paper.  Our digital capability is one reason that the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel use our puzzles. 
What makes a Doc Word puzzle different?  Most themed 15x15 puzzles have three to five answers related to that theme.  A Doc Word puzzle guarantees a minimum of eight answers.  We customize to your needs.
Here is just a sample of our past and present clients:

The Discovery Channel
The Learning Channel
Food & Wine
Barnard College
Baruch College
Bowdoin College
Bradley University
Harvard Business School
New Mexico State Univeristy
Washington University of St. Louis
Association Meetings Magazine
Registered Rep Magazine
Professional Jeweler Magazine
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Mavericks
Los Angeles Dodgers
The National Hockey League
New York Mets
Phoenix Suns
Pittsburgh Pirates
Texas Rangers
Houston Astros
Tampa Bay Rays
Washington Nationals
The Mesquite Rodeo

In addition, over 30 schools use our education puzzles.
What are you looking for?

  • a special gift for someone who loves puzzles.
  • a unique way to commemorate a special event like a wedding, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, birth or graduation.
  • an exciting way to introduce and promote your business. 
  • a learning tool that you can distribute to your customers at conferences and trade shows.
  • a team-building exercise.
  • sticky content that will attract advertisers and grab the attention of your readers.
  • an entertaining way to drive readers to other parts of your publication or website.




Puzzles are a great way to reinforce lessons taught at school. 
They can be an effective tool for parents and children to learn together. Click here to learn more.

Top 10 Gift Days for customized crossword puzzles 


1. Christmas
6. Weddings
2. Hannukah
7. Graduations
3. Father’s Day/Mother’s Day
8. New Year’s
4. Valentine’s Day
9. Easter
5. Birthdays
10. Groundhog Day

As compiled by the Doc Word staff.


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