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The 15x15 Classic

Price: $99.00
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Prod. Code: DW15x15

It's an ideal personalized gift.  We can create the perfect customized 15x15 puzzle that you want. Just give us a list of 10-15 answers that you would like to see in the puzzle and we will incorporate as many as possible (a minimum of eight) into the puzzle. 


Start your order by telling us how hard we should make the clues.


Then, using the box on the right side of your screen, enter information about the recipient.  Please include a brief description of each item.  For example,


Dave (brother)

Lisa (wife)

Timmy (son)

John (best friend)

Big University (alma mater)

Anytown, USA (hometown)

Salesman (occupation)

Fishing (hobby)

Steak and potatoes (favorite foods)

WOLD (favorite radio station)

CSI: Cleveland (favorite TV show)

Rusty (pet dog)

Hawaii (favorite vacation spot)




Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for completion and delivery.